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As a business owner you know that you have to market your business to attract customers and, you probably have an idea about what to do, but are not sure what works and most of all you simply can’t focus enough time to get you marketing going. كتيب قوانين لعبة اونو Last but not least there is carving out the budget to get a marketing resource.

That’s why we thought that giving you an option to subscribe to a marketing service could help you. يورو 2023 مباريات

We will help you by listening to your vision and goals, and discussing with you how you can improve your marketing to achieve this. متجر فوتبول We will develop an action plan starting from our first meeting we will refer to it as we move along the path towards your goals!

We will keep you accountable for the actions we agree you need to do. We will work together via a monthly meeting and outside that via phone, email and Skype. You can simply contact us with any question when it comes up.

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We will look at marketing in general but certainly focus on mobile marketing, which is now a MUST for any business. Google claims that not being mobile friendly is like closing your business for 1 day a week!

You will be the decision maker as to which actions that you want to take and with whom, but I will give you my honest opinion as we move towards your goal

To sum up how we can help you:

• Dedicated time away from the everyday to improve your marketing (meetings will
be outside your office in order to focus)
• Hold you accountable for the necessary actions you need to take to achieve
your goals
• A marketing resource outside your business (neutral) to talk to about any
• Someone to help you fill the marketing gaps
• Measurement of your progress and effectiveness of marketing actions
• Advisor on additional marketing services and sourcing of these

This should give you an great option to get your marketing going and learning on the way and hopefully the lower price compared to hiring a resource will ease your costs.

We can also offer the more classical model where you hire us on a daily basis and we do all the work for you.

Get in touch and let us discuss your marketing needs.

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