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Are you in doubt if you need a mobile website?

For us at Mobile Must it is an ongoing mission to evangelise around how important mobile marketing is for your business, organisations or any community you are part of. الطاوله  There is no time to waste and hopefully this infographic on your customers behaviour and facts around how adopted mobile is already, can make you take action and as a minimum get yourself a mobile website. That is a very easy but significant step you can take right now. I guess you have a desktop website although everybody said they didn’t need one at that time. Websites and the internet would go away and we all know how that turned out! The difference is just that mobile phones are in numbers more than 7 billion globally today! رهان كرة القدم Take a look and lets get started now – we will assist you all the way. فورملا ون Infographic MobileMust 170214 – general stats

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